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Acrylic processing aid ACR401

1. Acrylic processing aid 401 is one kind of processing aid

2. Mainly used on PVC pipe, foaming board, profile, window, fittings

  • Acrylic Processing Acid ACR 401 performance

    Product introduce of acrylic processing aid ACR401
    Acrylic processing aid advanced polymer technology and drying process to produce synthetic polymers,
    Processing aid ACR401 can promote PVC gelled,thermal strength and elongation, the internal and surface
    quality of the products; while shortening melting time,and improve production efficiency; reduce the various
    ingredients in the deposition on the surface of the processing.

    Item Index
    Type ACR 401
    Appearance White flowing powder
    Particle size 40mesh,(%) 99min
    Volatile matter ( % ) 1.5min
    Intrinsic viscosity ( η ) 5.0—6.0

    product ACR401
    Applications Pipe, sheet, profile,foaming board, fittings

    Recommended dosage
    Title of the production Profile Pipe Fitting Sheet Foaming board
    surggest dosage (per 100 parts PVC) 4-6 1-2 5-6 1-1.5 6-7
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