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Foaming regulator agent

1. Foaming regulator agent is acrylic polymer

2. Acrylics polymer mainly used all kinds foaming plastics.

3. Acrylic polymer chemistry usually used with AC blowing agent and NC blowing agent togethe.

  • foaming regulator agent performance

    Product introduce of foaming regulator agent
    Acrylic polymer WSD530 foaming regulator agent is acrylic polymer mainly used in the shaping of PVC foam products.
    product characteristics
    Acrylic polymer WSD530 also celled foam regulator,Acrylic polymer coating mainy used on foaming products, formation
    of the blowing agent is stable,so the resulting foam density and good strength.
    The quality indicators
    Item Indicators
    Type WSD-530
    Appearance White flowing powder
    40-mesh pass rate,(%) ≥ 99.5
    Volatile matter ( % ) ≤ 1.3
    Intrinsic viscosity ( η ) 10.0—11.9
    This product is mainly used on PVC extrusion molding process below the foam sheets, tubes and profiles.
    The recommended dosage
    Name of manufactured articles Foam sheet Foam pipe Foam profile
    Recommended dosage (per 100 parts PVC) 6—14 3—8 6—8
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