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Development of WSD CHEMICL

2002, we are a state-owned factory with PVC stabilizer project as our core business, and now we have become one of some influence manufacturers and trader in China with widest range of PVC additives for PVC industry.

2002.5:Foundation of Chemical General Factory Zhejiang Yule chemical Technical cooperation with Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry lead based PVC stabilizer

2008:Foundation of WSD chemical limited. Produce metallic stearate, lead based one pack PVC stabilizer

2009:Foundation WSD chemical Shandong based
Produce impact modifier and processing aid

2010.10:building chemical foaming agent prduction base in Neimeng

2012:With China's outstanding PVC additive manufacturers build a most complete Additive PVC additive one-stop service base

2015:WSD chemical limited Bangladesh office builded

2016:WSD chemical limited Pakistand offer builded

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