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Chlorinated Polyethylene

1. Chlorinated polyethylene(CPE) is one important impact modifier

2. Mainly use on PVC pipe, profile, window, sheet

3. Chlorinated polyethylene properties Also can be used on rubber

  • Chlorinated Polyethylene(CPE ) performance

    Product introduce of chlorinated polyethylene
    Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) is a white granular , it is made from polyethylene and liquid chlorine.

    Typical Physiochemical Properties
    Item Unit CPE135A
    Chlorine content % 35+/-1
    Thermal Decomposition Temperature oC 165min
    Bulk Density g/ml 0.5min
    Volatile Content % 0.4max
    Particle Size(36 mesh passing percentage) % 99
    Impurity Particle PC/50g 10max
    Shore Hardness A 65max
    Tensile Strength MPa 6.0min

    1) Good anti-ageing property and excellent weatherability.
    2) Good anti-combustion, no self-ignition
    3) Good low temperature flexibility.
    4) Excellent endurance to chemicals.
    5) Good processing ability.
    6) Excellent stability

    Main usage:
    CPE widely applied in manufacturing PVC pipe, sheet, foaming board, profile doors windows,and so on
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