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Oxidized Polyethylene Wax

1. Oxidized polyethylene wax, short named OPE WAX

2. It Mainly used as internal and external lubricant and softening agent

3. It Mainly used on plastics, textile and paints.

  • Oxidized polyethylene wax(OPE WAX)performance

    Chemical Characteris of Oxidized polyethylene wax
    It compared with polyehtylene wax .Polyethylene waxes has good compatibility with the plastics resin,
    no frost and nice gloss of the product. It have good interal and exteral lubricant effect.

    Itam Index
    Appearance White or light yellow powder
    Softening point (℃) 90-105
    Density (g/cm3) 0.94-0.96
    Acid index (mg KOH/g) 12-15
    Average molecular weight 1000-2500

    Plastics Ope wax as internal & external lubricant,stripping agent on plastics
    Textile Oxidized polyethylene wax as textile-softening agent used on textile
    masterbatch Used as coupling agent,brightening agent
    Ink Used as dIspersant agent.liniments

    Suggested Dosage
    On the basis of resins,added 0.1-0.2% in polymethyl,methacrylate resin.
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