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The Story of WSD

WSD is the shorthand of WANSHIDA, in Chinese.WSD means if you have a dream, If you always work hard,your dream and all the purpose can be achieved.

Mr. Yong He, the founder of WSD, graduated from Chemical Engineering College of Zhejiang University in 1999, the major subject was biological and chemical engineering. Engaged in production management at a state-owned pharmaceutical companies after graduated from college. The work was stability and mediocre. Because unwilling to follow the prescribed order work, he have been looking for opportunities for further development.

2002 In a classmate party of his alma mater, he heard that the building materials industry will have full of opportunities, the government was ready to develop infrastructure, including real estate, municipal facilities. Mr. Yong He thought the opportunity has come, so he decided to resign from the pharmaceutical companies. He began to borrow money from his friends and classmates to engaged in the production of PVC heat stabilizers.But in the beginning of two years, because he didn’t understand the production and processing of PVC plastic products, formulation adjustment, therefore can not be a good solution to the enterprise service work.

Someone suggested him to practice, work and learn practical skills in a PVC plastic company. So Mr. Yong He closed his business, worked in a PVC plastic products business. In the next 8 years, he worked in many different PVC plastic enterprises. He learned how to produce various types of PVC plastic products and had accumulated a wealth of practical experience.

Mr. Yong He founded the currently company of WSD with some of his friends in 2009. The PVC heat stabilizers,impact modifiers, processing modifier products have been improved continuously. The product lines have been enriched an improved constantly, and have a good cooperation with many well-known plastic additives manufacturers in china. Meanwhile, achieved products and technologies sharing and benefits maximizing.

In the development and growth of enterprises, no matter what, we are believing that as long as don’t give up, everything can be achieved

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