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Ba/Zn Stabilizer
1. Ba/zn stablizer,Barium zinc stabilizer is transparent orgnanic stabilizer
2. Ba/Zn stabilizer/Barium zinc stabilizer mainly used on transparant plastics,such as leather,shoes
  • Barium zinc stabilizer performance

    Characters of barium zinc stabilizer
    liquid stabilizer produced by hydroxy barium salt, zinc based orgnic acid and supplemented
    by phosphite ester. And antioxidant and plasticizer.

    Specifications of liquid stabilizer
    Light yellow Liquid
    Ba Content,%
    Zn Content,%

    Eatures of liquid barium zinc stabiizer
    ba/Zn stabilizer is orgnic stabilizer, not content lead and cadmium.Good intial and long term color hold
    Excellent high temperature heat stability Well transparency

    Applications ba/zn stabilizer
    ba/Zn stabilizer can be to improve the robotization of production and depress the industrial pollution.
    It is used for PVC, artificial leather, artificial leather and a variety of curing plastics.

    Net weight of 200kg/Drum. 16tons/20FCL
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