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What additives in milk

2014-02-13 by seoer8

First, food additives , including preservatives, testing pvc-additive organizations are often seized preservative benzoic acid, sorbic acid, acetic acid, etc. dehydrogenation . For pure milk, lactic acid drinks and beverage products in allows you to add potassium sorbate . So, you said that pure milk , we will review in the detection of these projects , I used liquid chromatography seized these big brand products can be detected now basically no preservatives , if any , must be present there can not be detected in the detection of new preservatives.
Second, no preservatives , can also be achieved by other methods of corrosion protection effect: namely, the moment such as the use UHT UHT technology, Tetra Pak , or add food grade citric acid ( also a food additive , but limits Supreme , required by the process needs to be added ) to lower the PH value of the solution , which can extend the shelf life to a considerable extent .
Third, some additives, such as preservatives and said in part sweeteners such as saccharin sodium , etc., for special populations such as diabetics or pregnant women baby may produce adverse reactions , for the average person , as long as the product add additives required we do not have to because of " preservative " and pale, safe to eat , so long as the amount . Absolutely no additive product in the world is not, no food additives would be no modern colorful food industry. Some products , with no added preservatives, and preservatives affect contrast brought , without words , part of the body of harmful bacteria could have lead to more dangerous consequences.
Both effects can be sterile , but has lost some of its nutrients , such as protein and trace amounts of vitamins. Some of the local brand of so-called hybrid milk, there is adulteration , the real raw milk is quite small, but added milk or industrial milk added .
In short , if you care too much about things , then you can rest assured that this world might not eat natural food , or to vote for the best big brands .

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