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Additives - selection factors

2013-09-30 by seoer8

The choice of pvc-additive have some common considerations, such as:
① use of the additive requirements. Additives, appearance, odor, pollution, durability, electrical properties, weather resistance and so a direct impact on product use.
② processing conditions additives adaptability.
③ additive durability. Mainly through volatilization loss additives, extraction and migration three ways to use the environment must be based on products and processing conditions to select the appropriate species.
④ compatibility of the polymer additive. Including the miscibility between them and the mutual influence in terms of stability problems.
⑤ additive toxicity. Food and drug packaging materials, water pipes, and other polymer materials, medical products, their health is mainly dependent on the additives.
⑥ synergy between additives and proposition effect. If matching appropriately, mutually reinforcing, and can reduce the total amount of additives.

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