PVC compound

In PVC extrusion process, we are unsually use twin screw extruder, general requirements is no need granulation. But for single screw extrusion process, it is necessary to granulation. In  injection molding process which are generally used particles

In granulation process, we ca mixed fully,either uniformity or plasticizing properties are the best Special requires can be easily get.such as flammable, high strength, resistance to climate variability and excellent geometric stability, and an oxidizing agent, reducing agents and strong acids have a very strong resistance, etc.,

PVC compound divide soft PVC comound (soft PVC mixture) and rigid PVC compound (rigid PVC blends). the major difference between them is that the plasticizer used not same.

Soft PVC compound must cause the particles before they can use, and the corresponding processing temperature is relatively low. Rigid PVC compound generally as engineering plastics

Usally PVC compound will be used on film, pipe,fitting,shoes,wire,cable and so on

Follows PVC additive in WSD chemical will be used on PVC compound

PVC stabilier

Metalllic stearate

Internal external lubricants

Impact modifier

Processing aid


Optical brightener


UV absorbers

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