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Anatase titanium dioxide technology solutions which

2013-11-02 by wsdchemical

Titanium dioxide manufacturing technology program has many, such as sulfuric acid , hydrochloric acid , chloride , phosphate, France , Asia molten alkali , alkali metal molten salt method. titanium dioxide anatase manufacturing sulfuric acid method which still exists today in many countries worldwide , and its maturation process route , equipment installation requirements are lower , lower demand for raw materials , but also can produce anatase and rutile two products. Despite its long operational processes , the process is complicated, the process variables big , "three wastes" emissions from large , since sulfuric acid process titanium dioxide production still has strong vitality , and will continue for a long time . Sulfuric acid hydrolysis reaction of titanium dioxide production process based distinction can be divided into the solid phase , liquid-phase method, two phase method and pressure method . Currently the industry are used is the solid phase method . Solid-phase method processes a larger autonomous process basically no changes . To improve weatherability of rutile titanium dioxide , an increase in surface treatment for the purpose of post-treatment processes. Up to now , in addition to part of the refinement process , such as increasing the thermal fluid filtration increased titanium titanium liquid purification effect , increasing bleaching improve metatitanic purifying effect , increasing sanding and grading other than to improve the crushing effect , there has been no major changes . In addition a number of different companies in the process according to the geographical characteristics of enterprises choose different devices, but did not change the basic unit operations . Sulfuric acid method anatase titanium dioxide production process includes primary crushing titanium , acid hydrolysis , settlement, titanium liquid coarse filtration , crystallization ferrous ferrous separation , control filtration liquid titanium , titanium was concentrated , hydrolysis, once washed , bleached, the second washing, salt treatment , calcination , grinding and packaging. Utilities and ancillary processes are: mud washing, white water recovery , tail gas treatment , desalination water preparation , steam boilers, raw water treatment , sewage treatment and other processes.

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