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Pigments mixed with pigments which results

2013-11-02 by wsdchemical

1 color : inganic pigments can not be decomposed basic colors called primary colors. The other primary colors can be synthesized , while the other color can restore the original color . Only three primary colors , primary colors for the shade of red, green, blue, primary colors of pigment magenta ( bright rosy red ) , yellow, blue ( sky blue ) . RGB color light of all colors can be synthesized , while adding a white light . Theoretically, pigment primary colors can be deployed out of any other color , plus the same hue , dark gray, because in addition to the coloring pigment commonly used outside also contain other chemical ingredients, so to reconcile two or more pigments , purity will be affected , to reconcile the more the more impure color species , but also the less distinct , pigments three yuan hue plus black cloud can give a color instead of pure black. (2) between the color : mixed colors in between the two colors. Between the color is also only three : Shade three of magenta, yellow, blue ( sky blue ) , some color photography book called " complementary color " refers to the color ring on the complementary relationship. Pigment primary colors , namely orange , green, purple , also known as the second color . It should be noted that the color shade exactly three primary colors of pigment . This staggered relationship constitutes a shade , pigments and color vision of the complex links , also constitutes the law of color theory and rich content . 3 complex color : pigment colors or between two of the primary colors and their corresponding secondary color ( red and green, yellow and purple , blue and orange ) mixed too complex color , also known as the third color . Complex color contains all the ingredients of primary colors , but the ratio between the primary colors ranging from red to form a different gray , yellow and gray, green, gray, etc. ( this list is omitted here ) gray color. As a white light shade RGB additive , thus generating two consequences : First, there is no complex color shade , the second is no shade gray color, such as hue between two shade plus , it will only produce a lighter color light , plus light cyan, light yellow Case

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