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What is Monostearin

2013-11-02 by wsdchemical

Fats and oils chemicals, mainly from Glycrin monostearate palm oil as raw material , is certainly part of chemicals , but it is harmless in food additives health standards set forth , can be added as needed . It is a common food additives , most supermarkets sell foods contain , even ordinary noodles are added . Do not exert too much fear, a small amount of harmful food additives . Even natural spring , which itself is harmless, but you drink too much , will be beverages , right ! If you really want to eat any food additive , I felt , have their own kind , and his kind have to consider the use of organic fertilizers . Characters white waxy flakes or beads solid , insoluble in water , mixed with hot water by strong oscillations can be dispersed in water , as the water-in -oil emulsifier. The organic solvent can be dissolved in hot ethanol, benzene, acetone and mineral oil and fixed oil. Freezing point not lower than 54 ℃. Usage emulsifier method 1 for candy, chocolate, prevents toffee, toffee appear grease separation ; prevent sugar crystallization of chocolate and water separator , add delicate sense . Reference to the amount of 0.2 % to 0.5% .

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