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Dioctyl phthalate it is an organic polymer

2013-11-02 by wsdchemical

Dioctyl phthalate is defined as : the hundreds of atoms covalently bonded to each other to form a particularly large molecular weight , compounds having the repeating structural unit . Is a class of high molecular weight compounds formed molecular aggregates , also known as polymers, macromolecules . Generally the relative molecular mass greater than 10,000 molecules called polymers . Polymers generally from 103 to 105 atoms covalently connected together . Since the polymer is made more small molecules obtained by the polymerization reaction , and therefore often referred to as a polymer or polymers , for the polymerization of small molecules is called " monomers ." Example: cellulose, protein, silk , rubber, starch and other natural polymer , as well as synthetic polymer -based materials , such as various plastics, synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber , paint and adhesive . The organic polymer compound can be divided into natural organic polymers ( such as starch , cellulose, natural rubber proteins , etc.) and synthetic organic polymers ( such as polyethylene , polyvinyl chloride , etc. ) , their relative molecular mass may range from a few Wan until several million or greater, but their chemical composition and structure is relatively simple , often by many (n) of cell structures are arranged in a repeated manner formed . n is called the degree of polymerization . Dioctyl phthalate is just only an organic dicarboxylic acid ester , MF : C24H38O4 Molecular weight: 390.30 . Is typical of common organic molecules.

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