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Epoxy resin and epoxy soybean oil

2013-11-04 by seoer8

A so-called epoxy functional groups on the chemical industry, having two or more epoxy-functional epoxy resin is called, there are many kinds of resin. Epoxidized soybean oil is soybean oil in the double bond after the hydrogen peroxide oxidation product of an epoxy bond, MF C57H106O10, also contain epoxy functional groups, mainly for the additives of pvc, pvc improve the mechanical strength, weather resistance and electrical properties . Amine epoxy curing agents generally used in conjunction with production of paints, pvc additives are not suitable for use as edible epoxidized soybean oil epoxidized soybean oil can not be eaten This is the basic difference between the soybean business you are doing, I advise you to be careful to know understand the market price of soybeans soybean oil in the presence of catalysts and stabilizers occur with peracetic acid epoxidation reaction crude, refined in industrial products. Here usually hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid formic acid (or acetic acid) reaction.

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