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PVC special magnesium hydroxide

2013-11-08 by seoer8

Is known, containing a halogen element polymer material generally has a high oxygen index, not combustion advantages. But the intense burning smoke of the series of materials has become a public hazard, particularly combustion of large quantities of smoke at all to reach the space, not only make people asphyxia and toxicity particularly large, there is the risk of cancer . Because of this, a long time people have been exploring the smoke and flame retardant PVC and other problems. Use superfine active magnesium hydroxide flame retardants and antimony compound used in PVC cable sheathing compound for effective flame retardant and smoke is a common approach.
. magnesium hydroxide flame retardant with common compared to the "magnesium tyrants" brand magnesium hydroxide having fine grain size, narrow particle size distribution, modification sufficient fluidity, fusion low viscosity, it is more important this model is magnesium hydroxide flame-retardant PVC products make higher oxygen index lower smoke density, this advantage is any other magnesium hydroxide can not be compared.

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