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Refrigerator foaming how Seal

2013-11-11 by seoer8

I do not know what you said seal is a seal that part. I guess you have these types of a seal. Refrigerated after opening backplane replacement evaporator coil. Tray with aluminum foil will be re-manufactured white blowing agent evaporator all the stickers to the back wall. After the foam. Paste can not leave gaps, to prevent foaming isolation coil and rear. Not scattered cold. (2) After opening the back panel. Fixed rear panel. The foamed layer and then coated on the refrigerator black foam, and then painted white on the back of the back pressure of the blowing agent in the foamed layer can be fixed. It will stick to their reaction to the backplane. 3 second floor, said good. Foaming careful not to deform the liner. The interior with wooden shore, a foaming agent mixing groups a and b, soon to be made ​​when poured, and then press and hold the rear cover plate. The bubble was so dense hair. First with internal and external security template to the original size Zhi good, the blowing agent Ann reconcile filling nearly 1:1 ratio box: to be fast, a little tune number. Case workers must be given, since the foaming process will play a hot, box-type variable.

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