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What titania

2013-11-12 by seoer8

titanium dioxide as a white pigment, has been widely used in cosmetics and paint products. T it at room temperature and atmospheric pressure chemical and physical properties are extremely stable, it does not dissolve in acid, alkali, water and common organic solvents, nor even strong chemical reaction with gases such as chlorine, hydrogen sulfide react. So it has a durable, abrasion resistance, high security, economy and other advantages of widespread practical use titanium silver metallic, its quality ranged between iron and aluminum, and its strength per unit weight is about twice as iron, aluminum six times, and its high corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity in metals class and relatively low thermal conductivity, melting point of 1,688 degrees. Titanium metal elements in the earth reserves ranked fourth. Vast majority of the oxidation of titanium dioxide patterns exist across the earth. Titanium dioxide is a good and its commercial value photocatalyst materials. Divided crystalline titanium dioxide Rutile (rutile), anatase (anatase), brookite (brookite) three, including research anatase type photocatalyst is the most commonly used, its catalytic activity is also the strongest most hydrophilic sex.

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