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What paint hand-painted shoes

2013-11-16 by seoer8

Hand-painted textile paint inganic pigments is not common , nor is acrylic paint . It was hand-painted process requirements for the development of new high-tech products, need to add seasoning color solid color, does not require dilution and heating , direct painting with nylon pen , natural dry it. Resistant to sun washed, not bleaching. For hand-painted textiles , leather, hand-painted and other processes have six major advantages: 1 , the paint waterproof do not fade , super good fastness 2, the pigment used directly paintings , will be able to dry naturally waterproof and very easy to use 3 , the paint color, screen fine , no rough, chapped 4, this pigment has super elasticity and permeability , feel good, not stiff 5, the paint nontoxic, please rest assured that use . The pigment painting pigment overcome the common touch after a hard , grainy , airtight , washed, dry, fade , dregs and other shortcomings. Used in textile painting breathable , soft, washed and fabric can reach almost the same degree of feel and supple . Six -color pigment is so widely used hand-painted cards : Can be used in textile , fabric hand-painted , high-end clothing repair color , stain , wall paintings and other fields. In wood, cement, leather, paper can be painting. Can also be used as a painting and watercolor paint .

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