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The use of polyvinyl pyrrolidone

2013-11-19 by seoer8

Use (Useage) PVP as a synthetic water-soluble low molecular polyethylene , a water-soluble polymer of the general nature of the protective colloid effect, film, adhesion, moisture, solubilization, or cohesion, but its most characteristics, and thus subject to people's attention is its excellent solubility and physiological compatibility. In synthetic polymers such as PVP both soluble in water, but soluble in most organic solvents, low toxicity, good physiological compatibility and rare, especially in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics these closely related with people's health field, along with its lower prices of raw materials butyrolactone, will demonstrate its good prospects for development. The following is a detailed description of its application areas: (1) medical and health PVP has excellent physical inertia, not involved in human metabolism, but also has excellent biocompatibility, skin, mucous membranes, eyes, which do not form any stimulation. From a biological point of view, PVP molecular structure of the protein features a simple model of similar kind of structure, even its water-soluble to some small molecules with the ability of some proteins and can be ammonium sulfate precipitant, trichloroacetic acid, tannins and phenols such as precipitation and protein solubility characteristics. So that the PVP is widely used as materials of pharmaceutical preparations. Specific applications as follows: ① ② for the preparation of a binder as precipitant ③ Injection cosolvents or agents to prevent crystal formation ④ ⑤ delay coating or film-forming agent, release agents may be extended controlled release of drugs duration of action of drugs ⑥ ⑦ artificial vitreous and corneal surgical bandage. In addition, PVP can also be used as a colorant and a X-ray contrast agent; for tablets, granules, liquid drugs and other forms, with detoxification, bleeding, increased concentration of dissolved prevent peritoneal adhesions, to promote sedimentation and so on...

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