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magnesium hydroxide which direction

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Use in medicine as a gentle laxative antacid , sugar and magnesium hydroxide , etc. can be used . 1 magnesium hydroxide is plastic , rubber excellent flame retardant. In environmental protection as flue gas desulfurization agent, can replace caustic soda and lime as a neutralizing acid waste water . Also used as oil additives , play a preservative and desulfurization . In addition, also for the electronics industry, pharmaceutical , sugar refining , for insulation materials and the manufacture of other magnesium products . 2 .. antacid , osmotic laxatives. 3 The product can be used as flame retardant filler or a polyethylene , polypropylene , polystyrene , ABS resin , a good flame retardant and smoke effects , added in an amount of 40 to 20 parts . However, anionic surface active agent required particle surface , can be inexpensive higher fatty acid alkali metal salt or alkyl sulfates and sulfonated succinic acid ester anionic surface active agent , an amount of about 3%. The products are also used in the manufacture of magnesium salt , sugar refining , pharmaceutical industry, daily chemical . 4 is a novel magnesium hydroxide flame retardant filler , is released by thermal decomposition of the bound water , absorb a large amount of latent heat , to reduce its synthetic material filling the surface temperature of the flame , can inhibit the decomposition of the polymer and the generated combustible gas cooling effect . Decomposition of magnesia refractories is good , can also help improve the fire resistance of composite materials , and it can also emit water vapor as a smoke suppressant . Magnesium hydroxide is recognized as a flame retardant in plastics and rubber industry , smoke suppression, excellent flame retardant filled triple function . Widely used in rubber , chemicals, building materials, plastics and electronics , unsaturated polyester and paint , coatings and other polymer materials . Especially for mining duct coated cloth , PVC whole core conveyor belt , fire-retardant aluminum panels, fire retardant tarpaulin , PVC wire and cable, mining cable sheath, cable accessories , flame retardant, antistatic smoke can be replaced by aluminum hydroxide, has excellent flame-retardant effect . Magnesium hydroxide with similar inorganic flame retardants , compared with a better smoke suppression . Magnesium hydroxide in the production, use and disposal process no harmful emissions , but also to neutralize the acid generated during combustion and corrosive gases. When used alone , the amount is generally 40% to 60%. 5 with the base resin has good compatibility, a thermoplastic resin and rubber excellent in flame retardant, Adhesives used as a flame retardant or flame retardant filler , the reference amount of 40 to 200 parts . Industry for the manufacture of magnesium , magnesium oxide activity , pharmaceuticals , fine ceramics , insulation materials , sugar refining, flue gas desulfurization , oil additives, corrosion , acid waste neutralizer, color TV picture tube cone glass coatings.

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