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Sharp performance characteristics of titanium dioxide , application guidelines and proper use

2013-11-21 by seoer8

In recent years, and titanium dioxide anatase compared to anatase titanium dioxide industry to accelerate the pace of development and anatase titanium dioxide industry has gradually changed , and that the application of anatase titanium dioxide believe we have also had a lot of knowledge and understanding , and today through this article Langfang odd color specific to introduce next .
The most common , anatase titanium dioxide in cosmetics in the use of oil and water can be divided into the anatase titanium dioxide , which has chemical stability , high refractive index and high hiding power , good whiteness , pollution , etc. , are widely used in the cosmetic field , can play whitening, cosmetic effect.
First, the performance characteristics:
① whiteness, hiding power is very strong ;
② very strong weather resistance , suitable sunscreen whitening system ;
Second, the use and dosage:
① widely used in cosmetic whitening powder, foundation, powder , pearl cream , facial mask, sunscreen and other cosmetics products ;
② the powder well dispersed in the medium , and then added using the system , but after adding must ensure uniform dispersion ;
Third, the application guide :
Note that the aqueous titanium oxide dispersion can be easily incorporated into water, stirring speed and the dispersion after the formation of the emulsion can instantly . Use water as the dispersion polyol carrier, and most can be easily used with a reasonable cosmetics . Because of a person's skin slightly acidic , so skin care products should be slightly acidic .
Fourth, the application performance and details Note:
Needless to say, daily life, we often come into contact with titanium dioxide applications, such as cosmetics, paints and the like, that titanium dioxide specific application performance , what does ? May wish to look under the bar !
1 to improve and stabilize the anatase titanium dioxide method
In fact affect anatase titanium dioxide by many factors , such as mineral resources , equipment and key technology affected. Through a number of experiments show that the main factors affecting the whiteness is the quality of the hydrolysis , and calcining impurity elements and other elements.

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