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Comparison between magnesium hydroxide species

2013-11-22 by seoer8

At present, large amount of magnesium hydroxide flame retardant , but with the polymer processing temperature, the decomposition of aluminum hydroxide , lower flame retardant , aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide has the following advantages compared to :
1 , the thermal decomposition temperature of magnesium hydroxide 340 ℃, aluminum hydroxide higher than 100 ℃, is conducive to plastic processing temperature, the speed of extrusion, increase the plasticizing effect , shorten the molding time , the product surface gloss, no will produce surface defects , while ensuring a super peel strength.
2 , particle size distribution, good compatibility with the substrate , little effect on the mechanical properties of products . 3 , dehydration of magnesium hydroxide generated after combustion of magnesium is a high strength, high heat resistant material , can be used as a protective wall , separated from fire , toxic gases , magnesium hydroxide with an acid neutralizing capacity , and can be quickly and plastics in acid gases generated during combustion SO2, NOx, CO2 , etc.
4 , magnesium hydroxide decompose high capacity, high efficiency, flame retardant , smoke suppression ability, low hardness , low friction of the equipment that helps extend equipment life. 5 , low prices, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide is half the price , filling capacity, can greatly reduce the cost of the product .

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