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Silver earrings oxidative yellowing how do

2013-11-26 by seoer8

If silver has been epoxidized soybean oil , black, and you can stick with a soft hair brush scrub toothpaste, soap can be hand rub to clean or cleaner way. It can not handle it with silver wash water clean and scrub: After washing silverware were to use cotton cloth. When washed with a wash of silver, of which only a few seconds into the silver, and then out into the 清水中浸泡 tweezers, one minute after removing dry. Usually pay attention to matching silver do the following: Do not wear jewelry when ① wearing other precious metals silver, to avoid collision deformation or abrasion. ② Avoid contact with water vapor and chemicals silverware, avoid wearing swim, especially to the sea. ③ after wearing it every day with a silver finish clean cotton cloth, jewelry box or bag sealed.

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