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Iron oxide red color test techniques and test methods detailed

2013-11-27 by seoer8

red iron oxide do we understand ? Should all know that it is a color products it currently red iron oxide red iron oxide color pigments tested primarily by color inspection, mainly divided into two categories. Xiaobian to introduce you to it:
Article categories: visual method
China has yet to develop national standards. Foreign standards ASTMD1535-95a, using the Munsell color numerals paint colors. Method does not provide a sample slurry preparation methods , refer to ASTM standard pulp after the other tests. Currently we Rong Chi iron red visual is generally extracted sample in a small part of the iron red on white paper , produced scraping layers visually ;
The second category : Instrument testing method using the instrument directly measured the magnitude of the color pigment . Instrument complies with these methods are color measurement , color meter, colorimeter measurement and so on.
The determination of the pigment color ( powder and paste ) , bakery and see the fourth film of the two ways - whiteness. Currently divided into red iron oxide is mainly divided into two categories, one is the color of comparative law , that the reference sample visual or instrument comparison test results are given ; Another method is the direct measurement of color , that the use of the instrument or visual the color of money given directly or sample number. Mainly based on the method of testing to know whether the value of the color red iron oxide production in line with the national standards and cultural development of the next , which is to buy red iron oxide or iron oxide red judge the level of quality provided important reference basis .

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