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Use pvc composite stabilizer

2013-11-28 by seoer8

The successful application of nano-scale high-purity rare earth elements BAUER (BAOHUA) efficient, non-toxic calcium zinc stabilizers rare in an efficient, high environmental known. No smell, dispersibility, fluidity, one pack stabilizer , weather resistance, and excellent transparency. Is the best environmental alternative to composite lead, rare earth compound lead, tin and other organic stabilizers.
PVC compound stabilizer there are many types, models and types used by purpose answer is different, the cable is mainly used calcium and zinc composite stabilizer, pipes and lead salts of organic tin-based, profiles and sheet metal or lead salt stabilizer, leather is barium zinc or cadmium-based stabilizers. Many manufacturers stabilizers, good brand Sakai Chemical of Japan, ADK, Mizusawa, Samick I'm PVC industry, huh.

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