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The latest overview of the use of calcium stearate

2013-11-29 by seoer8

potassium stearate - Overview
Chinese name : Clacium stearate,
Formula : (C17H35COO) 2Ca,
Quality Index : meet HG/T2424-93.
Calcium content : 6.5 ± 0.6%, free acid (stearic acid ) ≤ 0.5%, Heating loss ≤ 3.0%, the melting point ≥ 140 ℃, fineness (0.075mm sieve ) ≥ 99.0%.
Properties : Calcium stearate uniform fine white powder. Melting point 175 ℃, density 1.035g/cm3. Dissolved in toluene, ethanol , benzene and other organic solvents , insoluble in water . When heated to 400 ℃ slowly decomposed , flammable , met decomposition of stearic acid and corresponding calcium salt . There are absorbent, non-toxic.
Calcium stearate - Purpose
Heat stabilizers for PVC and other plastic processing lubricants , mold release agents and the like. In rigid products , and the base of lead salts , lead soap can increase the rate of gelation . Also used in food packaging, medical equipment and other requirements of non-toxic soft film and equipment. Can be made of polyethylene , polypropylene, halogen absorbers to eliminate the adverse effects of residual catalyst on the color and stability. As plasticizers in rubber processing , enabling natural rubber and synthetic rubber to soften the whole , and almost no effect on curing . Also used as polyolefin fibers and molded plastic lubricants , grease thickening agent, textile waterproofing agent, paint flatting agent , plasticizer manufacturing plastic labels and so on. Also used in pencil manufacturing and medicine, perfume industry .

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