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PVC additives commonly asked which of a number of

2013-11-30 by seoer8

pvc-additive are an integral part of the production of raw materials , which are inherent characteristics of PVC resin determined . PVC additives divided into two categories :
( 1 ) Process additives for the plastic molding process as necessary. Plastics such as hard PVC stabilizers and lubricants without them can not be processed .
( 2 ) a function of the functional additives to give a plastic or PVC plastic, so that some improvement in performance , such as the use of impact modifier , impact toughness can increase exponentially .
( 1 ) the compatibility of the additive and PVC resin should be long-term , stable and uniformly dispersed in the article concurrent . Accordingly , the additive and PVC should have good compatibility. For fillers, inorganic pigments and other additives do not dissolve PVC , requires little fineness, good dispersion. In addition , the additive should not be interacting with PVC resin , which additives do not promote the degradation of PVC , PVC degradation are not subject to the impact of HCl .
( 2 ) Durability should meet little volatile , water , oil or solvent extraction , migration resistance is good.
( 3 ) adaptive processing additive should be of good heat resistance , does not decompose at the processing temperature, the less volatile and sublimation , corrosion of processing equipment and tooling . ( 4 ) refers to product performance constraints on product appearance , odor , contamination resistance, durability and electrical insulating properties , thermal properties , weather resistance, toxicity various requirements .
Refers to the interaction or synergy between the proposition additive effect ( 5 ) between the additive . Different varieties of the same type of additive compound is necessary.
( 6 ) the economic cost of the additive should be as low as possible .

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