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New environmentally friendly calcium zinc composite stabilizer rapidly

2013-12-02 by seoer8

In the chemical industry, production, application of Plasticizer for PVC is very broad, and more types of stabilizers , including composite stabilizer is the most widely used one . Composite stabilizer , there are many types , including calcium zinc composite stabilizer is a new environmentally friendly composite stabilizer , becoming the choice of many customers .
Some people may think that low prices lead salt stabilizer , good thermal stability and select it. But this remind you of lead salts are salts of heavy metals , fine powder , once being inhaled, can cause lead poisoning, so in order sake of people's health , calcium zinc composite stabilizer changes the shackles of such a technique . It is mixed with a significant improvement in the uniformity of the resin dispersion . Mixing formula , simplified measurement frequency, to reduce the probability of loss and the resulting measurement error is brought about . A simple supply and reserve materials , conducive to the production , quality management . Offers the possibility of clean production of products, improve production conditions. Due to environmental philosophy deeply rooted social , calcium zinc composite stabilizer win broad market rapidly developing world , prospects, countries are optimistic about its potential and its benefits to the environment , and it is its location, unique charm to the world prove their role and status can not be replaced , the sustainable development of social stability needed it , but also environmental sustainability need it ! prospects for the development of the industry PVC non-toxic calcium zinc stabilizers tenths promising.

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