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Polyethylene wax in other sectors of the role

2013-12-05 by seoer8

Performance oxidized PE WAX you know? Polyethylene wax in other industries and what role it played below our factory to briefly explain :
Polyethylene wax as PVC pipe , shaped materials, film , wire and cable plastic and rubber processing aids. Polyethylene wax can also be used as the polyolefin and PVC smooth and release agents . Polyethylene wax can improve the activity of polyethylene , polypropylene , ABS and PMMA and polycarbonate stripping properties. On PVC, polyethylene wax and smooth compared with other external agents with better internal smooth. Polyethylene wax , can be used as the primary color of the plastic smoothing agents and dispersing agents , can improve the dispersibility of the filler or pigment . Polyethylene wax can also be used as a process modifier , plastics and elastomers , the ink paste polishing machine, paper coating and candles.
These are the relevant actors in other industries polyethylene wax play , I hope this information can help you bring , if you still do not understand, please leave a message or call us , we will reply you at the first moment.

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