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Zinc stearate suitable for use in a kind of ceramic products

2013-12-06 by seoer8

With technology innovation zinc stearate regardless of the recent emergence of a new domestic ceramics ---- dry pressing technology, high technology to produce products such efficiency, high pass rate, low cost, superior quality. After the introduction of this method, loved by the majority of customers, quickly being promoted, widely used in electronics, electrical appliances industries. This new production technology lubricant and release agent which is relatively high, through hard study researchers found, select the appropriate zinc stearate, can reach this new production process for lubrication and stripping requirements.
Standard lubricant release agent zinc stearate and comparison:
① while adding the right amount of zinc stearate, is conducive to enhancing the lubricity of ceramic raw materials, easy mixing, dispersion, and stir to procure raw materials, lubrication evenly. Dry pressure forming, but also conducive to successful release. Can directly replace the role of zinc stearate lubricant and release agent. Reduce costs, stripping pass rate of 90%.
② When the lubricant and release agent were added, to join these two additives may cause increased your costs, improper use can also affect chemical reactions and other complex materials, production processes, waste of human and material resources.
How to properly select and use zinc stearate:
To select the fineness of zinc stearate in more than 300 heads, so good fineness, good dispersion, zinc stearate can be uniformly dispersed in the ceramic material to play its lubricity and release properties. Select the well qualified zinc stearate, zinc stearate, the amount added to the ceramic raw material to go through the high-speed mixer after mixing, dry-pressing process can be

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