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Application of Calcium Zinc composite stabilizer ingredients and products

2013-12-07 by seoer8

First, the name : calcium zinc stabilizer two aliases : efficient multifunctional calcium zinc composite stabilizer
Three product categories :
Calcium zinc PVC stabilizer major appearance was : powder, flake, liquid. Fourth, the product main ingredient calcium zinc stabilizers of calcium, zinc , lubricants, antioxidants as the main component with a special composite technology and synthesis. It can not only replace lead and cadmium salts and other toxic organic tin stabilizer, but also has very good thermal stability, light stability and transparency and color strength,
CZ-1, CZ-2, CZ-3 plastic calcium zinc stabilizers , it does not contain lead , cadmium, tin and other materials , is environmentally friendly composite stabilizer . Practice has proved that the PVC resin products , the processing performance, thermal stability acts as lead salt stabilizer, is a good non-toxic stabilizers. V. Product Features: PVC resin processing with good dispersion , compatibility, processing fluidity , adaptability, excellent surface finish ; good stabilizing effect , with less versatility ; in white articles , whiteness better than the similar products . Six varieties Specifications : According to different purposes , calcium zinc composite stabilizer with different varieties : CZ-1, CZ-2, CZ-3 , etc., respectively, for pipe, profile , pipe , sheet , injection molding, blow molding film , cable and other plastic products. Seven , packaging and storage: 1 , Packing: paper bag lined with film bag, net weight 25kg. 2 , Storage: non-dangerous goods storage and transportation, kept in a cool dry place eight , product application : CZ-1, CZ-2, CZ-3 type calcium zinc stabilizer is a highly versatile calcium zinc composite stabilizer . Excellent thermal stability and transparency , no precipitation and surface migration phenomenon when used in PVC products, and heat the oil and use better. PVC slurry is applied to the processing , especially for vinyl articles. The product not only has good compatibility and viscosity of controllability , and can provide a good initial color and color retention . The product has proved to be an excellent heat stabilizers. Good compatibility , low volatility, migration of small , good resistance to light , suitable for hard and soft tubes, granulation, rolling film , toys and other PVC products industry. Department can replace lead salts , zinc , calcium and other organic tin stabilizer , to meet the health requirements of environmental protection non-toxic wire and cable ; has excellent initial whiteness and thermal stability, resistance to sulfide contamination ; 3 , with good lubricity and unique coupling role , giving a good filler dispersion, promotion and wrapped resin , improve product performance , reduce mechanical wear and extend the life of the equipment ; both toughened and promote melting , plasticizing good fluidity ; may confer PVC mix good uniformity and high speed plasticized melt flow, so that the product surface is smooth , and enhance the mechanical properties of products...

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