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Introduced a new automotive heat stabilizers

2013-12-12 by seoer8

Meanwhile, thePVC heat stabilizer also helps to avoid the occurrence of degradation and discoloration in harsh working environments. From the reactor into the extruder - stage of the process temperature and high shear often happens, the stability of the polymer can be fully guaranteed. Conversion and end-use product, the stabilizer solution can still play its specific role. Blow molding machine and converter to maintain efficient processing speed and high-temperature processing environment.
Stabilizer solution is designed for the automotive industry, mainly for automotive interiors interior fogging and odor sporadic problems, to reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions by eliminating or reducing the adverse distribute automotive interior parts odor and improve the organoleptic properties.
Stabilizer while maintaining the high thermal performance, can be reduced to 60% of sulfur emissions. High cost of the stabilizer, can be reduced to 30% of sulfur emissions. Can minimize odors distribute automotive interior parts, and its thermal stability in full compliance with the requirements of automotive manufacturers. Stabilizers for the processing field opens a new window, widely used in a variety of applications and environmental settings, can effectively improve the vehicle key issues such as internal fogging and odor exudes. Innovation is the core of Matsubara strategy. Our solution to reduce the resin product or compound additive content, even better than the stabilizer product. "

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