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Why rutile titanium dioxide coated

2013-12-13 by seoer8

Why coated titanium dioxide anatase , rutile type titanium dioxide remains photoactive surface defects of titanium dioxide in order to improve the quality of the finished product must be subjected to a surface coating treatment, the former requires coated TiO2 particles having good dispersibility, it must be beating dispersion, improved dispersibility. If there is no pre-coated with good dispersion and grinding, there may be aggregated particles or flocculation of particles coated groups such particles coated material flow once crushed, shattered after coating layer presents an incomplete envelope incomplete state and the ideal state is a coated film coating the surface of each package in the primary-particle after the envelope, the depolymerization with a jet mill to ensure that each particle has a complete the coating layer. Adding titanium dioxide slurry dispersant should have a more accurate parameters, the current domestic research in this area is less.

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