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PVC heat stabilizers to take the process of lead sulfate tribasic

2013-12-14 by seoer8

Since one pack stabilizer tribasic lead sulfate extraction, the process is more complex, many factors have an article can not be described in detail, it is hereby removed all the details on this, give us a statement about. To tell you the amount of influence on the thermal stability of the coating tribasic lead sulfate under below. Covering a significant impact on the amount of thermal stabilization time, with coating amount increased from 40% to 55%, the thermal stability of the extension of time from 59 minutes to 73 minutes, that is coated lead salt thermal stability at this stage in the cladding amount proportional to the amount of coating increases the thermal stability of time also increased slightly, namely from 73 minutes to 75 minutes, the growth rate slowed significantly. Subsequently, since almost no thermal stabilization time with increasing coating amount increases when the coating amount of 50%, since the thermal stabilization time has reached 71 minutes, and thermal stabilization time of tribasic lead sulfate stabilizer 72 minutes have been quite.
Since PVC stabilizer in the process of capturing HCl affect the diffusion process of closing when the optimal amount of coating covering the amount of stabilizer in the best form of state capture HCl is its ability to capture even more than three HCl salt lead sulfate, with more than the optimum amount, the stabilizing agent is masked in many surface stabilizer, and the surface of the capture HCl generated PbCl2 salt stabilizing function and thus can not, therefore, even if increasing the amount of tribasic lead sulfate, the stable function is difficult to continue to grow.

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