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Quality zinc stearate is what it looks like

2013-12-20 by seoer8

Applications and features:
1, the rubber parts are good lubricants, uncured material which is bonded to an effective release agent is dissolved in the rubber at high temperatures, in the curing process is finally absorbed in the rubber, so than the inert the resulting material better products.
2, the polystyrene is proving to be the most effective aluminum stearate , but also as an effective color powder is more important in applications where the melt can be avoided the degradation of the color.
3, the polypropylene can be improved in the pigment dispersion.
4, the polyethylene molding release effect may be improved for enhancing the polyester can be beneficial to premix molding mold. In addition, it used the phenolic compound and the ABS model.
5, packing and storage: 20kg woven bag lined film bags.

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