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Some simple role of rare earth stabilizer

2013-12-23 by seoer8

This product is a new world in recent years new plastic one pack stabilizer invention, which contain a suitable amount of a rare earth metal component , it can not only replace lead salts and cadmium and other toxic organic tin stabilizers, and has a relatively good thermal stability , light stability and transparency and coloring power , the appearance of a white powder. Application of rare earth stabilizer mechanism in plastic products : the role of rare earths in PVC for its molding process, affected by the intense heat and mechanical shear , resulting in PVC Structure B - carbon atoms easy and chlorine atoms on adjacent carbon atoms, a hydrogen atom on the binding , releasing HCI gas , to produce a double bond , a chlorine atom of the adjacent activation. The chlorine atom is very unstable , and prompted the release of adjacent carbon atoms form a multi dilute HCI gas segment , the degradation of the polymer , thus affecting the mechanical strength of the product , so that the corresponding reduction in life expectancy . When after adding rare earth stabilizer can slow reaction speed , maintaining the chemical balance , reducing the surface tension , to prevent light and heat and oxidation , making plastic products to reduce the activity of chlorine , stable structure, quality improved. With a view to analysis of ion complexation , plastic products made ​​of rare earth stabilizer , since the role of the rare earth purify impurities in plastics , can contribute to the polymer , the polymerization and increase the molecular weight increase , resulting in a polymer main chain structure of a covalent bond , this also increases the breaking force , forming a complex one as the main chain crystalline entity firmly bound together , the product structure is dense , various performance improvements to make plastic products more clear and transparent.

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