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Advantage of the rare earth complex PVC heat stabilizers

2013-12-26 by seoer8

Heat stabilizers in PVC processing , the plasticizer component is a single process to meet the needs . The rare earth stabilizers to play a heat stabilizer for maximum effectiveness , and the other only through PVC heat stabilizers complex can be achieved. Depending on the need to support the processing , technology , product type, and the optimal ratio of the rare earth synthetic PVC heat stabilizers is different.
Currently RE composite PVC heat stabilizers on the market generally have the following seven advantages: 1 , excellent thermal stability. Rare stabilizer either dynamic or static thermal stability are superior to the traditional system and lead salts of barium , cadmium, zinc stabilizer , can replace or reduce the use of organic tin products in the product . A broad development prospect
2, to promote melting , processing performance . Adding rare earth metal salt stabilizer , you can change the rheological properties of materials, close to the melting properties and the promotion of organic tin .
3 , coupled Compatibilization . Rare stabilizers for PVC products of each component has a unique coupling compatibilization , to improve the impact strength of products , the resin can contribute to increase the amount of filler .
4 , plasticized , toughening . Compared with the rare earth metal salt stabilizer stabilizer for resins plasticized , toughening effect .
5 , excellent transparency . Dilute ten stabilizers either alone or mixed with an organic tin products , optical performance can be achieved the same effect when used alone organotin product .
6 , brightening properties . Rare stabilizer used in colored plastic , with a clear and unique brightening function.
7 , weatherability. Rare earth stabilizer anti -aging effect of light better than the lead salt stabilizer , organotin performance equivalent to seven additional stabilizer further diluted with excellent insulating properties and safety and hygiene .

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