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The main presentation epoxy soybean oil

2013-12-27 by seoer8

This product is at room temperature, pale yellow epoxidation of soybean oil liquid formula C57H106O10, molecular weight of about 1000 , the flow point -3 ℃, boiling point 150 ℃ (0.5Kpa), viscosity 325mpa.S, refractive index 1.473 (25 ℃), in water solubility <0.01 (25 ℃), water solubility of the product in 0.55% (25 ° C), soluble in hydrocarbons , ketones, esters , higher alcohols and other organic solvents , slightly soluble in ethanol. This product is a most widely used non-toxic PVC plasticizers and stabilizers . Good compatibility with PVC resin , low volatility, little mobility . Has excellent thermal stability and light stability , water resistance and oil resistance is also good , giving the product a good mechanical strength, weather resistance and electrical properties , and non-toxic , is an internationally recognized gasification process additives used in food packaging materials . This product can be used for all PVC products . Such as various types of food packaging materials, medical products , a variety of films, sheets, tubes , refrigerator seals , leather, vinyl flooring , plastic wallpaper , wire and cable , and other household plastic products , etc., can also be used for special inks, paints, coatings, synthetic rubber and liquid composite stabilizer.

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