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Titanium dioxide may lead to an environmental crisis

2013-12-28 by seoer8

titanium dioxide anatase in the air can be oxygen and nitrogen in the light conditions is converted to nitrate , which reveals the potential environmental pollution problems nano titanium dioxide materials could lead to widespread use .
Nano- titanium dioxide, also known as titanium dioxide. Due to the high refractive index , superior UV absorption capacity and excellent sterilizing , deodorizing and anti-fouling properties, nano-titanium dioxide is often seen as an environmentally friendly light catalysts and additives , and in many areas worldwide widely used. As for skin care products , food, white paint and other consumer goods and household production, the annual production capacity of up to millions of tons , and showed a rising trend .
Atmosphere rich in nitrogen and oxygen can be formed on the surface of nano titanium dioxide photocatalytic reaction by nitrate , combined with theoretical calculations and analysis to clarify the mechanism of nitrate . Excessive nitrates discharged into water bodies , the body will produce toxic , such as lead children "blue baby syndrome " can cause eutrophication and cyanobacteria outbreak , resulting in environmental pollution problems.
Photocatalytic formation of nitrate found in the photocatalytic reaction , remind people may have underestimated the potential environmental risks of extensive use of titanium dioxide . The chemical reaction on the one hand may exacerbate the increasingly serious problem of nitrogen pollution , but it also provides a mild conditions and low cost method of producing nitrates new .

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