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Polyethylene waxes are widely used in paint

2013-12-31 by seoer8

polyethylene oxide are widely used in paint, low molecular weight polyethylene homopolymer or copolymer. The so-called wax, is the last of this polymer distributed in the form of a microcrystalline coating surface plays a role similar to the actual wax is also more diverse.
The main role of the polyethylene-based wax in a solvent for the coating film: extinction, anti-settling, thixotropy, lubricity and good workability, metal fixability.
Micronized polyethylene wax added to the coating of high temperature should be avoided, since the polyethylene wax is dissolved in the solvent in a high temperature, and precipitates on cooling to form larger particles. The role of the polyethylene wax depends on the following factors: polyethylene wax of different specifications, the final form of fine particles, the ability to migrate to the surface of the coating and the coating composition, the nature of the coated substrate, a method of construction applications. Polyethylene wax as an additive, except for solvent coatings and inks, also used in water-based coatings and inks.

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