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Impact of magnesia clinker for cement industry end grain introduction

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Factors Affecting Results of clinker grains
Kiln clinker particles in the liquid phase barium stearate ( some of the information referred to melt ) formed under the action of liquid crystals formed outside the capillary bridge. Liquid capillary bridge serves two functions: First, the particles together , and the other acts as an intermediate medium , so that diffusion of CaO and C2S in the molten state is generated C3S, the capillary strength of the particles depends on the intensity of the bridge, the bridge strength, i.e., the connection surface of the particles with a force increase and decrease the particle diameter of the tension of the liquid increases . And the number of capillaries and the bridge is inversely proportional to the square root of the particle diameter . To produce good tablets, liquid must be sufficient , and the desired particle distribution in the liquid phase to form a high surface tension , low viscosity liquid , a suitable time and temperature agglomerator .
Impact on the nature of the liquid phase of magnesium oxide
Liquid volume
Clinker liquid volume too easy to end grain , too easy to form a dense chunk of clinker. The amount of liquid contained in the liquid phase Al2O3 , Fe2O3, K2O, Na2O, MgO content. Coefficient of MgO is increased , indicating a greater effect on the MgO quantity of liquid , close to the coefficient of Fe2O3 . Liquid volume in the 25% to 28% of the end grain of the most favorable .
Liquid surface tension
The liquid surface tension of the liquid phase is an important nature , and end grain has a direct relationship , liquid surface tension increases easily end grain , clinker particle size and surface tension of the liquid showed a good linear relationship.
The liquid surface tension and negative charge on the outer electrons of elements , some elements such as low surface tension values ​​K, Cl, S , is not conducive end grain ; while a higher surface tension Mg, Al and other elements conducive end grain .
Liquid Viscosity
Liquidus viscosity values ​​of different components of the clinker is different , in general, to reduce the viscosity of the liquid phase , in favor of CaO and C2S generated in the liquid phase diffusion C3S, but also easy to end grain , the liquidus viscosity and temperature, the temperature rise decline.
Several elements coexisting liquid viscosity liquid viscosity values ​​are not superimposed on a single element.

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