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Aluminum hydroxide flame retardant fillers

2014-01-07 by seoer8

Aluminum hydroxide filler is a white powder, the main ingredient for the AL (OH) 3, with good fluidity, high brightness and other characteristics. 1, aluminum hydroxide filler to prevent smoke, no dripping, no toxic gases, acid and alkali solution in the decomposition, thermal decomposition becomes dehydrated alumina. 2, active aluminum hydroxide filler using advanced production technology, through the activation of a variety of additives and coupling modified surface treatment, thin and high, narrow particle size distribution, good flame-retardant effect, high brightness, low bulk density. 1, various aluminum hydroxide materials, plastics, rubber and other flammable materials flame retardant additives, paper, surface pigments, paints, toothpaste substrate, catalyst supports, purifying agent, fluoride, desiccant, various types of zeolite field, the pharmaceutical industry, artificial agate, glass mosaic, building quick-setting filler. 2, an active aluminum hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide filler can improve the binding filler and the resin and workability, so that both the flame and filling double performance, and thus add the product in the plastic, rubber and other advanced composite materials, so that only Products with smoke and flame effect, and anti-leakage, arc resistance, wear resistance and enhanced. It can be widely used in rubber, wire and cable insulation, sheathing layer, insulation materials, conveyor belts, etc.

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