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The spray dried iron oxide yellow advantages

2014-01-10 by seoer8

iron oxide yellow pigments generally use a spray drying method for drying. The method can directly make solutions, emulsions and dried into powder or granular products, can be omitted and evaporated pulverization step. It has the following advantages:
1, yellow iron oxide can be directly spray dried into a dry powder;
2, the drying process is very rapid;
3, due to the instantaneous evaporation equipment material selection requirements are not strict;
4, easy to change the dry conditions, the adjustment of product quality standards;
5, iron oxide yellow spray-drying production of high efficiency, low operating personnel;
6, there is a certain vacuum drying chamber, to ensure the production of sanitary conditions, to avoid dust flying in the workshop to improve the purity of the product;
7, iron oxide yellow spray-drying production capacity, high product quality. Spray volume per hour up to several hundred tons, is one of the larger capacity dryers;
8, Spray Dryer easy to adjust, you can change in a wide range of operating conditions in order to control the quality indicators, such as particle size distribution, moisture content, biological activity, solubility, color, smell and taste like.

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