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Necessity plasticizer industry restructuring

2014-01-17 by seoer8

Plasticizers to provide mankind with high quality methyl tin stabilizer products in the role is indispensable. But its product structure adjustment constantly changing , new technology development at a faster rate , an endless stream of new varieties , more sophisticated means of detection , evaluation method is more reasonable , plasticizers is in such a " Development - Application - Toxicology tests - risk assessment - re-development , "the cycle of continuous improvement . Therefore, the proper use of plasticizers in the industry is the key to the healthy development. To accomplish this, plasticizers companies should work hard in the restructuring. At present, the production of environmentally friendly non-toxic plasticizer is facing two problems , one by-product of many, the yield is not high ; Second, low yields , high cost, good products such as citric acid esters, due to the high prices and thus the catalyst high cost of plasticizer . In addition , some companies even though production of a citric acid ester plasticizers , but because they do not attach importance to marketing the product, users of its products ignorant , still choose cheap , familiar plasticizer products. Due to accelerate the elimination of toxic plasticizers and promote the development of new non-toxic plasticizer has become an inevitable trend , the domestic manufacturers to make great efforts under the new catalytic studies , separation process , as soon as more cost effective , more reliable security for a new generation of environmentally friendly plasticizer products to market.

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