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Environmental detection and analysis of new plasticizer

2014-01-18 by seoer8

Environmental new calcium zinc stabilizer component detection (recipe analysis, formulation reduction) based on the micro-spectral analysis technique is through micro-spectra of samples of each component quantitative precision certainty, and thus achieve the purpose of reducing sample recipes.
Plasticizer is one of the world's largest plastics production and consumption of additives, plasticizers varieties can be classified according to chemical structure: Phthalates, other phthalate esters, aliphatic dicarboxylic acid esters, phosphate, epoxy, benzene polycarboxylic acid esters, petroleum esters, chlorinated paraffin plasticizers and polyester plasticizers and the like, wherein the phthalic acid ester plasticizer is approximately 88% of the market.
But as phthalate plasticizers in food, pharmaceutical industry more widely, more and more people pay attention to its toxicity. Environmental Protection Agency, National Institute of Environmental impact studies are also neighbors of benzene plasticizers on land, resources, flora and fauna of conduct. On the other hand, the global research and development efforts to strengthen the non-toxic plasticizer products, especially to speed up the basic and applied research on the health requirements of high plastic products.

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