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Environmental plasticizer widely used chemical methods

2014-01-20 by seoer8

PVC stabilizer for cable rubber material that can be applied in some of the rubber, the rubber can make the interaction between the molecules is reduced, thereby reducing the glass transition temperature of the rubber, rubber-Sik plasticity, fluidity, easy rolling, extrusion molding, etc. operations, while also Some vulcanized rubber to improve mechanical properties such as hardness and reduced modulus, high elasticity and gives lower heat, cold, etc. improve. The rubber can be plasticized by physical and chemical methods. Including chemical plasticizing the plasticized masticated masticated rubber processing technology are, at the time of plasticized synthetic rubber in the rubber through chemical reaction the introduction of the flexible molecular chain structure of the molecule can be increased to achieve the purpose of the plasticized . Not because of the chemical plasticized material from the plasticizing effect of volatile or precipitates lose its role plasticizing effect for a long time and therefore more attention. Physical plasticizing additional material refers to a method to achieve the purpose of plasticizing the purpose of said plasticized usually refers to the physical plasticized physical plasticizing substances known to soften the external environmental plasticizers.
Rubber softening environmental plasticizers usually divided according to their polarity and use softeners and environmentally friendly plasticizer. Derived from natural substances, called for a non-polar rubber softener; mainly used polar synthetic rubber or plastic material called environmentally friendly plasticizer. Currently the industry collectively environmental plasticizers. Environmental plasticizer used in the production process should meet the following conditions: plasticizing effect, with less absorption speed, good compatibility with rubber, small volatility, do not migrate, cold is good, water, oil and solvent resistance, heat resistance, light resistance, electrical insulation, flame resistance and good resistance to bacteria, colorless, non-toxic, cheap and so on.

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