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Retardant textiles detection technology

2014-01-21 by seoer8

Currently textile plastic flame retardant test more mature testing methods include : horizontal combustion method , the vertical combustion method , 45o combustion, oxygen index method , different test methods reflect the combustion properties of the fabric from a different side . Assessment of flame retardant textiles generally use the following indicators: continued burning time , smoldering time , damage length , flame spread time , the flame spread rate, flame spread distance, burning rate , the minimum ignition time , limiting oxygen index , minus extinction coefficient , radiation flux and so on.
Textile Flammability Test standard system following problems :
First, many indicators , duplicate , shall be unified simplification , such as " flame spread time , the flame spread rate, flame spread from the burning speed" these indicators are actually expressing a meaning, namely the burning speed.
Second is the performance of textile flame burning mostly textiles evaluate the ease and speed of the combustion degree .
Third, the existing standard system mainly for fabric flame test methods , rather than loose fibers. Because the combustion properties of textile materials, not only their own properties and materials , but also on the structure and terms of aggregates , such as fiber blends relevant circumstances . However, the fiber is flame retardant blank test methods and standards restricting the flame retardant fiber product development and marketing, if each test will be woven into cloth fiber spinning , and then detect the combustion performance of the sample, it would result in the experimental period long , higher other costs adversely affected.
In addition, the flame retardant fiber quality once encountered in trade disputes , it is difficult to distinguish between the responsible party , namely, polyester fiber , viscose staple fiber , inorganic flame retardant performance tests of viscose staple fiber , uses the limiting oxygen index .

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