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Safety issues composite stabilizer

2014-01-26 by seoer8

Security issues PVC composite PVC stabilizer for pipe has more and more people 's attention. Safety PVC composite stabilizer should consider three aspects , namely the safety of the use of raw materials processing , the second is the user's security, the third is the safety of waste on the environment . The security measures were processed through the stabilizer liquefaction, cream of the particles and so to be addressed. For the user's safety , the stabilizers can be prepared in a high molecular weight or a reactive stabilizers to improve their resistance to draw , but considering the stabilization of the chemical reactions at the molecular level , the above method is not the most appropriate method , the most good way to use high security or stabilizers . When selecting the stabilizer must also be considered that the resin stabilized with a stabilizer , or a stabilizer formed by the reaction occurs between each chemical safety.
Various types of safety stabilizers see cadmium stabilizers in the near future will be suspended. But a slow process , one reason is the cost of using the time to go up 10% -20 %, and cadmium- based stabilizers can not be common to a wide range of PVC mixture majority of non- cadmium stabilizers. Such as processing narrower , but also often need to use an auxiliary stabilizer compensate for its performance deficiencies . Now no cadmium stabilizers have performance performance has reached a cadmium stabilizers . Quickly develop calcium zinc stabilizers. And in powder , paste and liquid , as well as standard grade and nontoxic for sale, second-generation calcium zinc stabilizer in food and drug packaging has replaced methyl tin tin and zinc-based lead -based stabilizers for its collection of small extractable , the security is not a problem when used , but there is a safety hazard of the environment. Because lead -based stabilizers low cost, high efficiency , many companies are using this , along with the non-lead PVC composite stabilizer development , lead salts are being replaced by non-toxic environmentally friendly stabilizer. Since many countries ban lead , lead -based stabilizers are out of the market short, composite heat stabilizer conducive scale production for the development of lead salt heat stabilizer provides a new direction. An important indicator of lead salt composite stabilizer is the content of lead , lead salt composite stabilizer lead content of current production is generally 20 % -60 % ; usage in the production of PVC plastic window profiles for 3.5-6 copies.

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