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Antioxidants used in long-term thermal stabilizers

2014-02-10 by seoer8

Long-term thermal one pack stabilizer and processing heat stabilizer different, this is because the long-term thermal stabilizers to play a role at a temperature below the melting point of the polymer . In industrial production , the phenolic stabilizer is a hydrogen atom are able to give a class. ( See above " processing stabilizer " ) In addition, a stabilizer is a hindered amine stabilizers ( see below ) can also be used as a high performance long-term thermal stabilizers.
A hindered amine stabilizer is a hindered amine stabilizer ( originally refers to a hindered amine light stabilizer ) is resistant to light induced degradation of most polymers of a class of very effective stabilizer. They do not absorb UV radiation , but inhibit degradation of the polymer , and can be achieved at relatively low dosage levels of resistance to degradation . Efficiency and are classified in the regular period of play , while the anti- degradation can be recycled , and that it 's in the process of stabilizing polymer can be regenerated rather than being consumed. Hindered amine stabilizers accurate thermal oxidative aging mechanism is very complex and not yet fully understood. Since only a hindered amine stabilizer has a high molecular weight and has stable characteristics can be regenerated during the polymer , the polymer so that it can impart excellent thermal and light stability for a long period of time.

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